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How To Registered Your Blog in Google Web Master Tools

How To Registered Your Blog in Google Web Master Tools - Google webmaster tools are very useful for any webmaster to optimize their blogs, google webmaster tools are widely used and can be used to optimize our personal blogs . A common mistake many blogger make is to think blog will just suddenly get picked up by google and a rush of traffic will arrive.  to be able to use the web master tools we can follow the following steps which I will explain below

Register your blog with google

To register your blog with Google, we will use the Google site provides a webmaster is called Google Webmaster Tools. it's free and very useful for your website just login using your Google account if you do not have one google or gmail account just create one and you will be presented with the main home page. Follow these steps to add your site:

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1 Please access your blogger account
2 go to the overview on your blogger and select open webmaster tools
3 Put your blog and click add url
4 click web master tools
5 please select a blog to be registered , and then click - manage site - add or remove users
6 choose manage site owner
7 choose verify with different methods
8 select and copy the script html meta tags that are coloured yellow
then back to the blogger menu then click template and edit html , html editing on bloggers you can
10 paste the code that we copied under the  <head > following code and save template
11 next click verify, now you have completed the activation

congratulations now your blog has been listed on the google search engine , usability of our web registering to google webmaster tools is , that our blog can be easily monitored by means of Google , uses tools made by google is very much and many of the world seo masters use these applications to enhance the Performance of your blog or website that they manage, thank you for reading the article  Registered Your Blog in Google Web Master Tools

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