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How To Make Strong Password And You Can Remember

How To Make Strong Password And You Can Remember - This now found a lot of social media accounts or email accounts we have, stolen and taken by people who are not responsible, then, why their accounts can be taken over by another person without the consent of the owner of the account ?, the answer is these accounts are not protected with a strong password.
How To Make Strong Password And You Can Remember
For a user who uses social media, email and blogs or accounts associated with the world of the Internet, the use of passwords is very important, this is because we never know anyone who wants to party intends bad to us. possible prankster or perhaps people who really want to harm us. Loss account could be a disaster for us, because the hijackers could have used our account for things that are not good and harm us, moreover we are actively using the Internet media.

Then how the solution should we do to avoid data theft? One way is to create a strong password for our account in the internet world. To determine the password is strong or not we can know by counting the number of characters and also the variation of the character passwords that we create. the longer and more varied character of the password is, the more powerful protection on our account.

Here are a few tips that we can use to maintain the security of our accounts in the Internet world.

1. Never use a password that has been commonly used.

I found passwords that are very easy to guess by others, it is I've found on the blog of my colleague, she uses her own name to the username of blog and use dates of birth for the password, this is very dangerous, why, because of the name and date of birth can certainly known by everyone. and pretty easy to guess.

The same thing with email accounts and social media accounts. We should not use passwords that are very easy to guess by others. passwrod example that is predictable and not strong are: password, date of birth, family names, pet names our names, secrets, and others. If now you are using a password with a model like this then I suggest you should replace it immediately.

2. The use of unique symbols in the password

One way to create your account password or password stronger by using symbols.

example: St4r $ **

a combination of several symbols is indeed look very simple, but a combination of these symbols is much stronger than the common password as above

3. Use numbers and symbols.

How to create strong passwords and easy to remember is to combine unique numbers and symbols. Let us remember in creating a combination of numbers and symbols that are easy to remember, for example, make a word with the incorporation of numbers and symbols easily and can we remember

example: MyN4m3 + $ h3

and there are many more examples that we can use to create a password

4. Using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols in the password

If you want a very strong passwrod, try to use a combination of these three combinations. By combining these three combinations of these then your password will be very difficult to predict and are translucent unless you tell your password to the person.

example: th3p0w3r_oFw1lL $

Password like this is one of the passwords that are strong enough to maintain the security of your account. create a password that is easy to remember so that we do not forget the password.

5. Use a different password for each account you have.

It is better to use a different password for each account you have social media, this is because if one of the accounts that you have, known by others. Then your other account can not be stolen participate because you use a different password, if you use the same password, then most likely your account will be stolen all by people who are not responsible.


We should be careful in creating passwords let alone the passwords we use to something that is very sensitive, if the password is known by others, then there is a possibility of data you have to be stolen by the person.

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