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How to make Xampp (Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl) can run from different partitions

In my article this time I will try to share my experience using XAMPP , before I will explain a little about XAMPP .

XAMPP is a software that supports many operating systems and a few compilation programs are Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl , the function of this application is as Serber that can stand alone . This program is available in the GNU ( General Public License ) or freely used aliat free and is easy to use web server . to download this application please visit the page apachefriends.org.

At the moment we first xampp install the default of all applications that are in it will lead to the partition C : / Windows operating system that we have, but surely we will ask how to move the XAMPP default partition to partition D : / E : / or G : / .
In order to do that we have to change some settings files on XAMPP Apache and MySQL XAMPP .

Changing the Default directory in apache

In How to make Xampp can run from different partitions, Change Default directory for apache by changing the httpd.conf file that can be found in the folder \ xampp \ apache \ conf , open the file using Notepad , if you have difficulty to open it try to right click on the file and select open with .

How to make Xampp (Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl) can run on different partitions

Look for the following posts in the file that we open earlier , before changing the file it helps us to back up the file with another name first.
DocumentRoot "/xampp/htdocs"
change above this article is shown below
DocumentRoot "D:/xampp/htdocs"
The next look for posts
This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to.

<Directory "/xampp/htdocs">
change the text was changed to be like this
<Directory "D:/xampp/htdocs">
then save

Changing the default directory in the MySQL

For the following steps you can open the my.ini file in the directory \ xampp \ mysql \ bin , before changing the file should we backup the file with another name D:/ , to open them you can right-click on the file and then open with notepad .

How to make Xampp (Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl) can run on different partitions

Then look up the following posts :
basedir                 = "/xampp/mysql/" 
datadir                 = "/xampp/mysql/data/"
and change it into :
basedir                 = "D:/xampp/mysql/"
datadir                 = "D:/xampp/mysql/data/" 
Save then file.

Above steps I use because I have difficulty in using xampp application if the partition that I use instead of the default partition when I first install the xampp , and I want to change the place of xampp to partition D : / , this is the purpose if my windows broken then I would not worry to install partition C : / without loss my xampp, and I also find it difficult to activate the SVC at the MySQL module when I move my xampp to partition D : / , but with a step above the existing SVC module on my xampp have active , you can see from the image below:

How to make Xampp (Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl) can run on different partitions

Maybe that's all I can say from my article titled How to make Xampp ( Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl ) can run on different partitions, hopefully this article can help my fellow bloggers.


Many of the benefits that we get when moving the default directory in xampp, initially when we perform the installation of xampp, by default xampp will install the entire program that he had in the directory C :, but the directory C surely someday we will re-install if the system we experienced operating problems, by moving the xampp directory partition to another existing data on xampp will run safely and will not be affected by problems that exist in the directory C:

Thank you for reading my article about How to make Xampp (Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl) can run from different partitions, enjoy

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