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How to create sms gateway application with ATcommand and vb.net express

How to create sms gateway application with ATcommand and vb.net express - Good afternoon friends nbcdns.com, on the occasion of this cloudy afternoon I'll explain a little about how to make sms gateway by using application programming vb.net. I happened here using vb.net application Express and using a mobile phone Nokia 2700 classic as the sms delivery media.

Many uses that we can feel from making this gateway sms, sms gateway we can send a message with the notification and congratulations messages quickly. This application can be developed into useful applications and can be developed into applications that can send sms gateway scheduled messages, sms broadcast, and SMS are used for sending notification messages other.

What is it and what it's sms gateway?

Before we go into how to create an application program with vb.net, there is little explanation of what it is sms.

sms not foreign to our ears, although sms now with the internet media applications that have been advanced sms can still be used for many purposes. SMS or we can said Short Message Service,  is a system created to send and receive characters from a number of identity to another identity number.
while the gate or barrier gateway of different systems, for example sending SMS from PC to mobile phones. So, sms gateway sms gateway is a platform that handles the sending and receiving sms via a specific module that uses the commands appropriate model system.

The commands contained in the AT command

The following are the commands AT command which is used to operate the modem gsm

AT: to check whether mobile phones have been connected

AT + CMGF = n: To set the format of the terminal mode. if n = 1 mode Text, n = 0 PDU mode

AT + CSCS: To specify the type of encoding

AT + CNMI: To detect incoming SMS messages automatically

AT + CMGL: Opens a list of existing SMS on SIM Card

AT + CMGS: Sending sms message example at + CMGS = "<no purpose>"

AT + CMGR: Reading SMS messages

AT + CMGD: Deleting SMS mouth


ATV1: Set the input and output in the form of manuscripts

AT + CGMI: Checking Brand HP

AT + CGMM: Checking HP Series

AT + CGMR: Checking Version Exodus HP

AT + CBC: Checking Battery

AT + CSQ: Checking Signal Quality

AT + CCLK? : Check the clock (time) at HP

AT + CALM = <n>: Checking Voice / HP is currently in the phone ringing (no phone Log). 'N' is is a number that indicates the type of ring 0 = ring, 1 and 2 = Silent (Silence)

AT ^ SCID: Checking the ID SIM CARD

AT + CGSN: To check the IMEI number

AT + CLIP = 1: Displays the caller's phone number

AT + CLCC: Displays the phone number that is calling

AT + COPN: Displays all Operator's Name

AT + COPS ?: Displays the name of the operator of the SIM being used

AT + CPBR = <n>: Read the phone numbers stored in the phone book (SIM CARD). 'N' is the serial number storage

AT + CPMS = <md>: Set Memory of HP. 'Md' is the memory used

ME: HP Memory

SM: SIM memory CAR

Sending messages using AT commands command

On this occasion, I will make sms application gateway for sending messages only, never about what we need to prepare

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The tools we need

1 vb.net program, I suggest express vb.net application. This happened to me when I made using vb.net application which express
2. gsm modem, I happened to use a mobile phone modem Nokia 2700 classic im not recommended this phone, because when im using this phone it can't receive sms message

Objects in vb.net

The following objects should we enter on our vb.net program
  1. Form
  2. Button to send SMS
  3. ComboBox
  4. TextBox
  5. SerialPort
  6. Three Label

design form in vb.net application that you want to create such images as follows

Code that we place on our vb.net program

Below is a code that should we put on vb.net application. This application we use to perform short messages using the application programming vb.net

Imports System.IO.Ports
Imports System.Threading.Thread
Public Class form_sms_atcommand

    Private Tunda As Integer
    Private WithEvents COMport As New SerialPort

    Private Sub form_sms_atcommand_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        For Each COMString As String In My.Computer.Ports.SerialPortNames

        cboCOMPort.Sorted = True
    End Sub


    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

        COMport.PortName = cboCOMPort.Text
        COMport.BaudRate = 19200
        COMport.WriteTimeout = 2000

        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try

        Sleep(300)   '....tunggu 0.3 second
        Tunda = 300


        If COMport.IsOpen Then
                Dim x As String = "AT+CMGF=1" & Chr(13)
                Dim y As String = "AT+CMGS=" & Chr(34) & txtnohp.Text & Chr(34) & Chr(13)
                Dim z As String = txtpesan.Text & Chr(26)

            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
            MsgBox("COM port tertutup.")
        End If

    End Sub

End Class

How to use the program

If the code you entered is correct and there are no errors, then the application will run time as shown below.
In the port, please select the port that is connected to the modem that we use. This port is used to connect the modem that we use with the SMS gateway application using vb.net. Choose the appropriate port with the modem that you use for example: On my modem I use port 12 to sending short message.

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How do I know which ports are used

To determine which ports which can be used for sms gateway application, we can find out by using the following method
1. Go to start then right click on the computer (if you are using windows 7).
2. Right click on Computer and select manage.
3. In part to manage select Device Manager and click on the modem. here i use Nokia 2700 classic
4. Click on the modem that we had then select the modem, which is connected to the port will look like the image below
That's the way that we can create sms gateway application using vb.net programming. many uses that we can feel by using this application, if we can develop this application can be useful for some agencies that require these applications to support their performance.

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